How to Use Honeycomb in Minecraft?

Embarking on your Minecraft adventure introduces you to a world of endless possibilities, and discovering how to use honeycomb adds sweetness to your gameplay. In this guide, we’ll unravel the mysteries of honeycomb, a valuable resource in the game. From harvesting honey to crafting beehives, you’ll learn the essential steps. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the Minecraft universe, this guide ensures you grasp the versatile uses of honeycomb. Ready to elevate your gaming experience? Let’s delve into the enchanting realm of Minecraft and uncover the secrets of utilizing Honeycomb. How to use honeycomb in Minecraft? Let the exploration begin!

Before going to the Usage of Honeycomb let’s find out How you can make Honeycomb.

How to make or get honeycomb in MINECRAFT?

1. Finding a Bee Nest

You must first locate a bee nest in your Minecraft world. The Plains, Flower Forest, or Sunflower Plains biomes are typically where a bee nest can be found.

2. Take your Shears

Next, select your shears from the Hotbar and hold them in your hand.

Shears can be created from Iron Ingots and you must Place them like this in order to create Shears:
How to Use Honeycomb in Minecraft

3. Using the shears

The amount of honey in the bee nest will rise as more bees (carrying pollen) come inside. Honey will start to drip from the holes once the bee nest is fully loaded with honey. It is now time to collect the honeycombs from the bee nest with the shears.

How to Use Honeycomb in Minecraft

Depending on the version of Minecraft, the control to use the shears is as follows:

  • On the bee nest, left-click and hold on the Java Edition (PC/Mac).
  • You tap the bee nest in Pocket Edition (PE) and hold the button down.
  • Press and hold the RT button on the Xbox controller on the Xbox One.
  • Press and hold the R2 button on the PS controller on the PS4 system.
  • Press and hold the ZR button on the controller for the Nintendo Switch.
  • Left-click and hold on the bee nest for the Windows 10 Edition.
  • Click and hold the bee nest for the Education Edition in the left corner.

Pro Tip: 

when you use the Shears to get the Honeycomb, one of the Bee may become Angry and can Bite you. To get rid of this you can place a Campfire Below the Next to Finish the Bees.

4. Collecting Honeycomb

Once you have done the steps Collect the Honeycombs before they Disappear.
this is how it will look like. There will be 3 Honeycombs.
How to Use Honeycomb in Minecraft
you can also use Bottles instead of Shears.

How to Use Honeycomb in Minecraft?

Honeycomb is used in a number of different crafting techniques.


To start, you can construct a beehive out of your honeycomb. Beehives function precisely like bee nests, but you may put them wherever. Fill the top and bottom rows of your crafting table with planks, and the middle row with honeycomb, to create a beehive.

Note: Beehives don’t arrive with bees already inside; you’ll either need to wait for them to find the hive naturally or use flowers to lure them there (bees will follow anyone holding a flower). Three bees can live in a Beehive at once

You can use any type of Planks when building your Beehive.


Candles can then be made. When set on the ground, candles serve as a light source, but you must light them with steel and flint. Simply place one piece of String over one piece of honeycomb to create a candle.

You can create a Honeycomb Block by arranging four pieces of honeycomb into a square place on your crafting table. This block is entirely ornamental and has a honeycomb-like pattern.

Honey Comb Block

You can create a Honeycomb Block by arranging four pieces of honeycomb into a square place on your crafting table. This block is entirely ornamental and has a honeycomb-like pattern.

Finally, you can create waxed copper by mixing one piece of honeycomb with any copper-based material. Your copper objects won’t oxidize if you wax them, allowing them to retain their natural color.


In the vast world of Minecraft, the exploration of honeycomb’s versatile uses has added a sweet touch to your gaming adventure. From the intricacies of harvesting honey to the art of crafting beehives, this guide has equipped both seasoned players and newcomers with essential knowledge. Whether creating beehives, crafting candles, forming decorative Honeycomb Blocks, or preserving the natural color of copper through waxing, the uses of honeycomb are diverse and exciting. As you venture deeper into the enchanting realm of Minecraft, remember these insights on how to use Honeycomb to enhance your gameplay. Let the exploration continue, and may your Minecraft journey be as sweet as honey! How to use honeycomb in Minecraft? You’ve now unlocked the secrets.

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