How to Join Clan in Clash of Clans?

To join a Clan in Clash of Clans, you first need to rebuild your Clan Castle. It’s a building that looks like an abandoned and ruined castle or structure in your village. To rebuild it, simply tap on the building and select “Rebuild”. The cost for rebuilding is ten thousand (10000) gold. If you have enough gold, tap on “Rebuild” and you’re ready to join a Clan. However, to obtain 10,000 gold, you need to achieve Town Hall level 3 and upgrade your storage to be able to hold that amount of gold at once.

To Join a Clan in Clash of Clans

Steps to join a clan:

  1. Tap the blue star icon in the upper-right corner, representing your level.
  2. In the profile menu, choose “Clans.”
  3. Enter the clan name in the search bar or pick from recommendations.
  4. Tap the desired clan’s name to see details.
  5. Press “JOIN” if satisfied, adding a message if desired.
  6. Send the request by tapping “SEND.”
  7. Once accepted, receive a notification in the clan chat.
  8. Access the clan chat by tapping the left-side arrow.

Recruited to a Clan

If someone invites you to their Clan then you can also Join by the following steps:

  1. Tap on the Blue Star Icon and in the tab of MY PROFILE, Tap on Clan Invites
  2. From there you can view the Clan, Accept or Reject the Clan*
  3. You can also choose your preferred recruitment options from this tab, affecting how simple it is for other Clash of Clans players to locate you. The options are as follows:
Get Invited and Suggested:

You can accept invitations from Clans to join, and you will appear as a suggested player for Clans looking for new members.


Clans may send you invitations to join, but they will need to search for you manually because you won’t appear as a suggested member.

No invites:

Clans cannot invite you, and nor will you show up as a recommended or suggested member.


If you want to leave the clan then you can do it by going to your Clan Details from the Main Menu and then tapping on Leave.

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