How to Sell your Feet Pics?

Selling feet pics to earn money sounds ridiculous to most of us. But it’s a reality. People having photogenic feet are selling pics of their feet to make a handsome amount of money. As a beginner, learn with us how to photograph your feet, select an online platform, promote your photos, and sell feet pics to start making money in no time.

Step 1: Photograph your feet

As a beginner, all you need to start foot photography is a decent camera or smartphone with quality shots, inexpensive lighting, a couple of cheap props, and internet access. Let me show you how it’s done!

Foot care that makes your feet shine

  • First, take good care of your feet as they are a source of income for you.
  • Soaking your feet in warm water and sugar scrubbing to exfoliate your feet is an affordable deal.
  • Trim your toenails and cuticles and moisturize them daily
  • For yellow toenails, apply whitening toothpaste.
  • Moisturize your feet before going to bed and cover them with thick socks.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes or slippers to avoid tainting your feet’ soles.
  • Give a massage regularly to your feet to keep good blood circulation.
  • Use a stretchy Thera-Band to help work out your feet. It will strengthen your feet.

sell your feet pics

Light setup to take glossy pics.

It would help you to have proper lighting to get classy photos of your feet. Invest in appropriate lighting equipment or take advantage of the sun when it is shining, as photos turn out splendidly in natural light. Set up LED lights around the photo shoot area, or use your phone flashlight to take glossy pics.

Use fantastic Props to add color to your pics.

Taking pictures is like telling stories with your feet, so before you start taking pics, touch nail polish, apply lotion, toe rings, temporary tattoos, barefoot jewelry, etc. You can also set up some candles or flowers to add color to your pictures. You must get creative to sell feet pics and make decent money.

Choose a background that makes your pics stand out.

It would help if you had a good backdrop for your feet to get the most exposure. Try setting up a marble tile or piece of wood as a background for your photo, or place a handful of sand in front of your feet. You can also choose white blankets and sheets to give your images a soft, feminine appeal.

Best feet pose to earn more.

Rehearsal striking poses with your feet in the mirror and quickly switch between different leg positions. You can take feet pics from the side, bottom, or top, but the main focus is on arches and angles. Check out the following poses that are in more demand.

  • Candid feet shots
  • Close-up feet shots
  • Woman’s bare feet with red painted toenails
  • Woman wearing heels
  • Bottom of woman’s dirty feet

Hire A Professional Photographer

You can hire a professional photographer if you are not good at photography. This can help you in taking good feet photos and sell them online.

sell your feet pics

Step 2: Generate a mixed portfolio of digital images.

If your images have only four or five main themes, they will only appeal to certain customers. We recommend having a diverse collection of feet pics with many different themes and tones. The more people involved with your image, the more money you can make.

Once you have a good portfolio of foot photos, you can start the marketing phase.

Step 3: Choose an online platform to sell feet pics

In the past, the only way to sell pictures was with your photography studio. Nowadays, stock image sites are doing the same job online. You can also market your products using apps and social media accounts to make money.

Stock photo sites

Look at several different sites’ pay rates. Primary stock photos sites like iStock Photo, Adobe Stock, and Shutterstock are popular among amateur photographers. Most places charge at least 30% commission. Check the commission rate of each site before you sign up.

Digital photo-selling Apps

Apps like Foap and Whispers allow you to sell your feet pics. Download and install the App, upload photos with text, and communicate with buyers through the comment section. You can share a link to your website or email with payment information.

Social media platforms

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are good places to start marketing your feet pictures. Focus on one or two sites, to begin with. You can expand your business as you gain more experience.

Specific websites that only sell feet pics

Feet Finder and Instafeet are websites specifically selling foot pics where foot photographers can sell their work. All sellers must be ID verified on these platforms before they can begin selling photos. Upon approval, upload feet photos and start selling feet photos.

To avoid rejection, double-check the site’s requirements.

Every online site requires a specific quality, size, and theme to follow before submitting your photos. They can reject your ideas if you don’t meet the requirements and fits into the page theme. Therefore, you should complete your homework before submitting your images.

Step 4: Make an account on the selected site.

Registration on the selected site is usually free. If the site is not free but suits you, then consider using it unless the rates are relatively low and it’s a one-time payment. Read the site instructions carefully, which often include necessary information about fees and copyright problems.

sell your feet pics

Finalize the payment part of your account on the selected site

Register with a trusted site before providing your account information or home address. Most web pages accept payment via PayPal, although a few also accept checks through the mail. Set up a payment account by providing the email address and any additional information they demand.

Payment methods may vary from site to site. Some networks pay you per picture and some pay per picture stock.

Step 5: Upload your photos to the selected sites and apps

Make sure the feet pics you complies with all site rules and requirements, including picture size, resolution, file type, etc. If the website allows you to post images in a particular category, ensure your photos match the class to increase sales.

Step 6: Choose the buyers of feet pics

Several industries need foot pics to sell their products. Like modeling agencies, shoe companies, Etsy shop owners, etc., can take an interest in buying your pics. If they like the way you click pics, they may hire you for their future projects. That will be a wow.

Tips to sell feet pics with no scam

Here are safe steps which you can take to save yourself from getting scammed.

Turn Your location off while taking pics.

As scammers can use geotag information embedded in your photos to pinpoint your location, it’s safe t turn off your site while taking foot clicks.

Remain unidentified

  • If you sell your photos on the internet, you don’t have to reveal your real name.
  • Create anonymous email IDs and social media accounts for your foot photography business.
  • Avoid giving your name, address, or phone number to a customer.
  • In most cases, you don’t need to show your face in the photo. Therefore, do not show any body parts or look in your foot pics.

Report against uncomfortable clients

It’s ok to answer the questions related to pictures you share with clients, but avoid answering non-relevant questions. If you find a buyer is getting personal, block the wrongdoer and report them if necessary.

Never accept gift cards or overpayments.

Be careful if someone asks you to take an overpayment and then forward the extra elsewhere. It’s a common scam where scammers pay you with stolen cards or checks or use an entirely fake one, then ask for the money to be sent back to them or someone else.

Sooner or later, the fake or stolen money is reversed, but your outgoing payment for the gift cards is genuine and will not be. Never accept more than you were selling the product.

Watermark your pics.

To avoid scams, either blur or overlay a large watermark on your pics before sharing them with your clients.

Ask for payment before sending pics.

Many apps and programs allow you to receive safe, secure payment for your products. You can set up a shop through WooCommerce or Shopify if you have your website.


Selling feet pics is a striking practice to make extra monthly earnings. Modeling agencies and other agencies are always looking out for people with beautiful feet. Taking care of your feet, learning how to take good feet pictures, plus where to sell feet pics for good money by utilizing the tips above will increase your chances of success in this area. That is why we put together this post to help you out.

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