How To Package Fragile Items?

Moving and shipping delicate, fragile objects can be anxiety-inducing, especially if you don’t know how to pack them correctly. Our fragile items are frequently shattered or damaged during shipping, and the only cause of this is poor packing. You must use correct packing procedures to prevent damage to your fragile things during transit. Having worked in this industry for more than ten years, we are here to give some insightful advice on how to pack delicate things for safe and secure delivery.

1. Use Material That Is Strong

The first and most important step is to gather sturdy packaging to ensure that your things arrive safely. Strong packaging supplies include foam sheet, bubble wrap, brown packing paper, tapes, and high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes.

2. Select Standard/Right Box Size

Make sure to choose the appropriate box in terms of thickness and size to keep the products secure during the transportation and voyage to the target destination. Make sure the box you choose has enough room for you to cushion the item within it properly. A top-notch, double-walled corrugated cardboard box is the best option because it offers exceptional outside security.

3. Do Individual Wrapping

One of the most crucial stages in protecting your sensitive items is to take this action. Each item should be wrapped in an insulating substance, bubble wrap, polythene foam, or another protective material. Double wrapping your items’ fragile components is advised. In order to avoid damage, be careful to stuff hollow objects like bowls, jars, glasses, vases, etc. with packing paper.

4. Placing Wrapped Item Perfectly

To give the box additional strength, tape the bottom first. Once everything is wrapped, put it all in the box the appropriate way. Some goods must be laid flat in the box, while others must be stacked upright. To prevent your item from shifting inside the box, completely fill in the open places with padding material. Make sure that no elements in a box are touching one another directly.

5. Sealing The Item

Utilizing box sealing tape, packing tape, or self-adhesive tapes, completely seal the box from all sides, paying special attention to the top, bottom, and edges.

6. Fragile Items

Once the package is safely wrapped, be sure to label it with a “Fragile Handle with Care” sticker to lower the risk of damage. Additionally, be sure to let the delivery service know that parcels contain fragile objects and need special handling.

7. Clear Addressing

Last but not least, the precise address is crucial. On the package, clearly state the recipient’s name, address, postal code, and phone number. Additionally, be sure to include the sender’s information on both the outside and inside of the package.

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