October 7, 2022

How to do makeup (beginner’s guide on Essential starter products)

How to do makeup (beginner’s guide on Essential starter products)?

Things can be a little overwhelming if you’re just getting into makeup. You’ll need to become acquainted with tools and techniques in addition to stocking your vanity with the latest and greatest products. On top of that, you’ll want to master various makeup looks! Yes, there’s more to it than just swiping on some lip gloss. If you want to become a makeup jack of all trades, we can help you get started. Continue reading about how to do makeup as a beginner.

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What Makeup Should a Beginner Purchase?

While you may be tempted to stock up on the latest beauty crazes, any true professional will tell you that the road to makeup mastery begins with a solid understanding of the fundamentals and understanding what each product can do for you. The absolute makeup must-haves for beginners are listed below.

Basic Essential:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Bronzer
  • Neutral Eyeshadow palatte
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Eyebrow powder
  • Nude lip color
  • Setting spray

Step by Step Guide:


Use Makeup Primer

It’s critical to prep your skin before applying makeup to ensure an even base. So, before applying makeup, make sure you’ve finished your skin care routine. That means you should always cleanse and moisturise your skin first. After that, you’ll want to apply a primer.

Use Foundation

Foundation is one of the few makeup essentials that you don’t want others to see, which means it should look like your skin but better. So make sure to select a formula that is tailored to your specific requirements. Choose a colour that complements your skin tone and undertones. If you’re shopping online, make sure to look at the foundation swatches or use a foundation tester. Consider using a liquid foundation if you have dry skin. The thin liquid formula provides buildable, full-coverage and creates an even, non-cakey complexion. When applying liquid foundation, use a damp makeup blender to achieve even and natural-looking coverage. Squeeze the blender until it’s slightly damp, then bounce and roll it over your face to buff in the product.

Apply Concealer

Foundation does an excellent job of evening out the complexion, but concealer can be used to conceal any stubborn flaws. When learning how to do makeup, you may want to use one of two types of concealer, but knowing where to apply concealer can be difficult. You can use an all-over concealer to brighten and illuminate your face, or an under-eye concealer to conceal dark circles and fine lines. Of course, depending on your makeup requirements, you can use both.

Apply an all-over concealer under your eyes and over any blemishes or areas you want to brighten if you have one. Although foundation and concealer are frequently used interchangeably, however, they serve very different purposes. Some people wonder whether you should use foundation or concealer first. The conventional wisdom holds that foundation should be applied before concealer, but DIY hacks will have you thinking otherwise. When you’re first starting out, stick to the basics and progress to more complex methods of application as you gain experience.

Use a bronzer

After you’ve created an even base, it’s time to add dimension to your skin by bronzing or contouring it. Bronzer can be used to achieve a natural look. Using a large, fluffy brush, apply Soft Matte Bronzer just under your cheekbones and around the perimeter of your face. Apply it lightly and build up the coverage until you achieve the desired look. Contour your cheekbones and nose with a bronzer a few shades darker than your skin tone for a more sculpted appearance.

Apply Blush

Blush is a great way to add colour to your complexion and keep your face from looking one-dimensional. Apply your colour of choice to the apples of your cheeks with a fluffy cheek brush and gently swipe up towards your temples to create a lifted look.

Apply Highlighter

To finish off your skin, use a highlighter to add radiance to the high points of your cheeks. If you’re using a powder highlighter, take a fan brush and gently sweep it across your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and any other areas you want to draw attention to. If you prefer a cream highlighter or have dry skin and prefer hydrating products, you can gently pat it into your skin by using fingers.

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Make Eyebrows

If you have sparse brows, use Waterproof Brow Gel to sculpt and define them. It’s a quick way to fill in thin, barely-there brows. To begin, comb your natural brows with a dry spoolie to see what you’re working with. Then, apply gel little by little, building it up as needed until you achieve the desired look.

Put on eyeshadow

Apply an eye primer or a matte concealer to your lids before applying eyeshadow to ensure that your eyeshadow lasts. When going for a more natural look, start by applying colour to your lids with your fingers or a flat eyeshadow brush. Then, using a fluffy brush, apply a mid-tone shade to your crease and dab a dab of highlighter along with the eyebrow.

Make use of eyeliner

Apply eyeliner before mascara and after eyeshadow for the best results. When you’re first starting out, drawing an even line in one stroke is difficult even with a pencil, so take it line by line. Then go over it again to connect the broken lines and make your line as thick as you want.

Mascara should be used

Finally, use mascara to define your lashes. Before you apply any formula to your lashes, you should know how to curl them — an eyelash curler will be your best friend. After curling your lashes, apply a volumizing mascara that also lengthens them. Place the ultra-soft, wavy brush at the base of your lashes and sweep up through your lashes. Apply two coats for added drama, and then add mascara to your bottom lashes by wiggling the wand vertically through those lashes.

How to do makeup (beginner’s guide on Essential starter products)


Put on lip liner

Use a lip liner before applying lipstick to define your lip shape and prevent colour bleeding, which occurs when your lipstick runs or smudges outside of your lip lines. Draw a line around the outside of your lips, following the natural curve. Then, to give your lipstick a base, shade in your lips with the colour.

Put on Lipstick

After that, apply lipstick. Place the bullet or applicator directly on your lips and apply, working your way outward towards the corners of your mouth. Alternatively, use a lipstick brush to apply the colour lightly and gradually.

How to do makeup (beginner’s guide on Essential starter products)

Spray with Setting Spray

After all of your hard work, it’s critical to set your makeup to ensure that it stays in place and lasts all day. Shake your setting spray thoroughly. Then, eight to ten inches away from your face, spray in a “X” and “T” motion. To avoid irritation, keep your eyes closed.

How to Take Off Makeup

Playing with makeup is enjoyable, but waking up with a breakout because you slept in your favourite look is not. As a result, it’s critical that you always remove your makeup before going to bed. We know it’s sad to see all of your hard work go away, but don’t worry, now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you’ll have more opportunities to practise and try out several different looks. Use a facial cleanser or makeup remover that can remove waterproof mascara and other budge-proof formulas to remove your makeup. Swipe it across your face with a cotton round. Then, for a double cleanse, use a gentle cream cleanser to ensure that no traces of makeup make it into your beauty sleep.

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