Dry Ice is a supernatural addition to any party. Without it, middle school proms would not be the same as they are now. It is used to create stunning visual fog effects at weddings, pubs, nightclubs, Halloween, and birthday parties. It is a supernatural addition to any party.

What is dry Ice?

It is the carbon dioxide that has been cooled and condensed. At room temperature and pressure, it sublimates directly into CO2 vapors without melting. Hence, used to add a spooky steam effect to your party. Extremely cold, drifting around minus 109.3 degrees Fahrenheit, used in the industry for various cooling and refrigeration purposes. Naturally occurs in many bodies in the solar system, including Mars and some moons of Uranus and Neptune.

How to make dry ice at home?

Required Ingredients:

You can make your dry ice at home with the following ingredients.

  • CO2 fire extinguisher: Its nozzle usually has a black plastic horn and are easily accessible at some hardware stores and online retailers.
  • A cloth pillow cover
  • Thick leather gloves
  • Long sleeves jacket and pants
  • Protective eyewear and Close-toed shoes


Step no 1: Safety first.

Begin by wearing personal protective stuff to safeguard yourself from unprecedented burns.

Step no 2: Pillow cover wrapping.

To make the dry ice, fasten the cloth pillow cover tightly around the horn. Insert the fire extinguisher horn into the pillowcase. If you’re worried about the pillow cover flying around, use tape to seal it tightly.

Step no 3: Dry Ice generation.

When ready, squeeze the handle to discharge and watch the gas fly into your pillowcase. Hold this for 2-3 seconds. You may not think dry ice is not generated, but it should shortly settle to the bottom. Release your grip after a few seconds.

Carbon dioxide fumes will emit from the pillowcase – this is normal and not dangerous as long as you are in a well-ventilated area.

Step no 4: Dry Ice Styrofoam:

Carefully remove the horn from the pillowcase. Hold the cloth firmly and wipe off the dry ice on the opening. A small pile of dry ice accumulates on the bottom of the pillowcase, similar to Styrofoam. Keep the bag upright and avoid handling dry ice more than necessary.

Step no 4: Store Dry Ice:

Scrape the dry ice from your pillowcase and place it in a bowl, thermos, or another convenient container. The dry ice should store in chunks as big as possible to last long. Do not close the container. If you use the lid, do not fully press or loosen it.

How to use dry ice to make artificial fog?

One of the most popular usages of dry ice is to create imaginary smoke or fog, as easy as mixing dry ice and water. Splashing a small amount of water on ice produces a hissing sound and releases a large amount of carbon dioxide gas, used for dances, haunted houses, rock concerts, or where you want to create a mystical atmosphere.

How to use dry ice to kill yard pests?

Since carbon dioxide is heavier than air, it will force the air out of any container. You can use this tenet to kill moles and other pests that tear up your garden. Slide 1-2 inches of dry ice into each hole and cover the top of the hole with soil. Do this for all pest pits. Dry ice sublimates to form CO2 gas, which displaces oxygen and suffocates pests.

How to use dry ice to make carbonated water?

Another use of carbon dioxide is in the manufacture of carbonated beverages. Add dry ice to water, and carbon dioxide gas is released into the water and eventually collects in the tiny bubbles that depict soda. Don’t drink water until the dry ice has completely dissolved. Swallowing dry ice can cause severe internal damage.

How to use dry ice for an Ice chest?

Place the cold food in the ice chest, then place the dry ice on top and loosely close the lid. The Dry ice is much colder than normal ice, so it can retain food and drinks much colder. Approximately 10-20 pounds of dry ice is required every 24 hours to keep food frozen.

How to use dry ice to store grains?

Amazingly, it is used to keep grains, beans, and pasta fresh. To do this, place dry ice at the bottom of the cool box. Pour food over dry ice. Leave the lid unsealed for about 5-6 hours. The ice should be completely sublime until there are no more solids left. After this is done, close the lid. When ice sublimes, it produces CO2 gas, which is heavier than air. As more gas builds up, it pushes the air out of the container. Without air in the container, it becomes very difficult for bacteria and pests to survive, greatly extending the life of the food.

How to use dry ice to remove car dents?

Dry ice is so cold that it shrinks metal when come in contact with them. Dry ice may help if there are tiny “dents” on the exterior of your car that look like metal wedged into them. Use thick gloves to press a small block of dry ice into the indentation. Hold the block in place until frost forms around the dent, then remove the ice to warm. Repeat as necessary until the indent is smooth.

How to use dry ice to remove floor tiles?

Place a flat sheet of dry ice in the center of the floor tile, and reach its entire surface. Being so cold, and dry Ice causes ceramics to shrink and so overripe the tile. If the tile doesn’t pop off on its own, tap with a hammer and screwdriver to loosen the adhesive around the edges.


With proper safety measures in place, the process is quick and easy.

  • Dry ice is extremely cold and can easily cause burns if it touches bare skin.
  • Always generate carbon dioxide in a well-ventilated area. Otherwise, you may be pushed out and unable to breathe.
  • Do not eat dry ice. If you use dry ice to cool your drink, be careful not to put it in your mouth. You cannot eat dry ice.
  • Do not store dry ice in closed containers. It may explode.
  • If you are wearing leather gloves, you can touch the ice chips for a few seconds, but don’t hold them for too long. It can injure your fingers.
  • Don’t store dry ice in air tight containers. If so, the pressure of CO2 gas will increase, causing the lid to come off the container to burst.
  • Do not use China, ceramic, or glass containers. The extreme coldness of dry ice can cause these materials to shrink and break.
  • Do not store in a regular freezer as the freezer thermostat may turn off. Instead, choose to store it outside, in the garage, or out of reach of children and pets.
  • Use a thermos or a plastic container to store dry ice.
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